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The 4-star Hotel Konfidentiel keeps you updated on the latest news in Paris: cultural agenda, dates of important events and highlights that make Paris such a lively megapole.


Hôtel Konfidentiel Paris

Celebrating the july 14th together

« Allons enfants de la Partie... », no, is not a football match opening but French hymn that will be heard on July 14 th  in France. More 200 years ago, France made its French Revolution.
Hotel near the louvre museum

A break in the antique Geneo at the Louvre Museum

A break in the antique Geneo at the Louvre Museum Genoa is an Italian city located next to Milan and Rome. It is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the peaks of the Apennines. Its specificity? The sunlight which lights on the city. That's why artists and Art lovers fall in love with this place. From the 16th to the 18th century, Genoa was a Republic and rich families wished that the town becomes an artistic city. Now and until 18th september, you can admire the…