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The Konfidentiel Hôtel announces you the fermetre for renovation of the Hotel Lutetia for 3 years.

Hôtel Konfidentiel Paris
Hôtel Konfidentiel Paris

Renovation of The Lutetia Hotel

Built in 1910 by the owner of Le Bon Marché, the Lutetia is a luxury hotel situated in the 6th district in the district of Notre-Dame des Champs. Its style Art nouveau instigated the curiosity of numerous painters and writers of the interwars period which sometimes there take place of residence. Witness of the history, the Lutetia was in 1940 the headquarters of the German Top General staff, then welcomed the transported convicts in their return of camps. Being passed around, the Lutetia is the property of the group Alrov today and is managed by the brand Concorde Hotels and Resorts.