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Visiting districts and monuments in Paris

Embassies neighborhood and major political Institutions

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The Palace of Elysée, the Ministry of Culture, The Senate, the National Assembly, Council of state, Constitutional Council... discover the neighborhoods and high political sphere and elbassies during your stay at the Konfidentiel Hotel. 



If the  institutionnal buildings of Paris embody the attachment of parisians to their institutions and their publical buildings, they also offer a historical evidence which shows with elegancy, the excellence of the French architecture.  

At 500 meters from the Konfidentiel Hotel, around the Valois street and the Royal-Palace Place, you can see the Ministry of Culture and The State Council. Not far away, Montpensier street, lies the Constitutional Council.  

From the Hotel, join the Faubourg Saint Honoré Street, well known for its greats stores and luxury boutique, in the direction of the Elysée Palace, actually residence of the President. During this pleasant stroll, you can admire the Concorde Place where stands the Embassies of United States. Extending your stroll to the Trocadéro, you will meet the embassies neighborhood where are represented Mexico, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Peru and Morocco. 

On the left bank...

From the Konfidentiel Hotel, go along the wharf of Tuilerie and the cross the Seine. After 25 minutes walking, you will arrive on St Germain Boulevard. Here are the National Assembly, The Bourbon Palace, and a part of Ministry of the Rebublic. If you continue your discover by the Varenne Street, you will pass In front of The Matignon Hotel and The Prime Minister 's office. 

Strolling next to the Grenelle Street and Dominique Street, you could admire wondeful hotels from the 15th and 16th century which houses the Eductation Ministry, Industry Ministry and Foreign Affairs Ministry. 


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