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Visiting districts and monuments in Paris

Story of the street of L'Arbre Sec

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Did you know? The street of L'Arbre Sec is not a simple street. It hides an origin and a story...

The name of the Street of L'Arbre Sec situated in the 1st district of Paris would have several origins.

It could be connected to the mythical Dry Tree of Marco Polo's narratives, to the brand of a business which was or still in the nickname given to the gallows there which served to hang the condemned persons.

The church Holy Germain the Inhabitant of Auxerre whom you can see in front of the colonnade of the Louvre, next to the subway station " Louvre Rivoli " offers a curiosity: the circumference of the central chapel is decorated with a frieze constituted by heads, bodies and tails of carps.










The facade of the number 52 is listed in historic monuments as well as the Fountain of the Cross of Trahoir.


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